About me

My name is Rune Grøn Skov,
I'm 43 years old, lives in Aarhus, Denmark.

I'm an IT Supporter by profession, amateur web developer and photographer as a hobby - and I have a wild passion for football!

I was born in Odder and raised in the small town of Maarslet, approx 10km south of Aarhus. I now live in the Aarhus suburb of Højbjerg, with my wife and two kids.

In 1999 I was accepted as an IT support apprentice, at Grundfos in Bjerringbro. Since then, I have worked as an IT Supporter at TDC, Stibo, Rambøll and Johnson Controls.

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In my sparetime I support the local football team AGF, in the never-ending battle againts relegation and once again becoming the champions of the Danish football league. On an international level, I also root for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Werder Bremen.

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My family



Wife, married since 2010



Daughter, born 2014



Son, born 2017

My hobbies

So what do I do, in my sparetime.....?


I'm an avid football fan. I have supported the local team, AGF, since i was a child. I also support international teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Werder Bremen. I have seen countless AGF matches live and been to Old Trafford twice (two victories). I have, unfortunately, only been to Bernabeu and Weser once.

Mountain Biking

I love Mountain Biking! Since I bought my first "real" MTB back in 2014, I have found "my sport". My body is, unfortunately, not made for either playing football nor running. I just love the wind in my hair, when I rush down the singletrack. In 2017 I upgraded to a full carbon Ghost Lector 5 LC, XC hardtail bike. My Precious!

Web development

I sometimes like to do some small scale web development. I have made a couple of sites for friends etc. I started out with classic ASP, HTML and CSS, but have moved on to using diffrent CMS's and trying to learn some PHP. This site is made using Bootstrap, some PHP and custom CSS.


I just love to play with my DSLR, im no expert or pro - but I like taking pictures of especially the nature, but also from family trips, holidays and parties. You can see some of my best photos in the Portfolio, I will upload new photos regularly.

This is NOT me
This is NOT me, I don't look this cool on a mouintain bike :)


+45 212 66 99 3
Holme Parkvej 112, DK-8270 Højbjerg